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Akunyili’s Memo, FEC and the Presidency: Be Above Board Act Right
Author: Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee | February 10, 2010

The way Nigeria ship of political destiny is sailing since the absence of Mallam Musa Yarâ Adua as a result of his ill health of which he went to Saudi Arabia to attend to, has continued to agitate my whole being following the hullabaloo in and around the rank and file of the political heavy weights. While a few patriotic Nigerians have stood up to be reckoned with in the political history of this forced marriage and entity called Nigeria, by asking President Umar Musa Yarâ Adua to allow the Vice President to be acting as the President of Nigeria, pending when he (Umar Musa Yar, Adua) recuperates fully well or if need be hand over power completely to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, some mischievous political faggots, albatross, squandermeniac , whose stock in trade is to truncate our dear invaluable democracy for their parochial and selfish interest to the detriment of the citizens of this country and foreign nationals have continued to their hide and seek game with fate of this nation. This is what I consider as the ultimate disservice any politician whether elected or appointed could extend to us all. The happenings in this country at present is a good enough reason for the khaki boys to usurp administration of this nation. But God should not allow it to be, because many have argued that the worst civil rule is better than that of the military. I still want to urge the present crop of military men and women to tolerate the politicians and the political logjam and quagmire which those at the corridors of power have immersed us in while patiently waiting for its resolution till only God knows when. The likes of Minister of Information and communication should be commended, though for their belated demonstration of good will and rationalism, following her presentation of memo to the FEC which has continued to generate mixed reactions. While others have commended her dogged stance as regards the presentation of the memo which will allow Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to assume the full authority of the President, some unprogressive have surreptitiously and overtly pitched their tents against her by calling for her resignation. While others see her action as betrayal of trust, I am moved to ask; shall we continue to sin so that grace may abound? You answer is as good as mine. At the age of almost 50 years, this nation is to big for a few individuals or cabal who have no meaningful contributions to make, except to line their bottomless infested pocket and to hold the nation to ransom. My advice to the Minister of Information and Communication is that, she should not retract whatsoever she must have said pertaining to the memo and if the worse comes, she should take the path of honour and morality according to OBJ. I therefore urge all to ask for that which is right to be honestly followed. For the FEC, Hon. Dora Akunyili, the presidency, National House Assembly, civil rights activists, etc the right or wrong decisions we make today, whether morally right or wrong, will surely affect us and generations yet to come positively or negatively. Toe the right path to save Nigeria from further international disgrace and shame, chaos or military take over by swearing in Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as the acting President with unhindered presidential powers. May God bless this good people and great or intractable nation, Nigeria. Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee, writes from Igboeche, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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