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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

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Blessed Or Cursed As Plateau Goes So Goes Nigeria
Author: Farouk Martins | March 25, 2010

As Plateau goes, so does the rest of Nigeria. Itâs not a curse. The Hausa have been mostly conquered, food as weapon will be used against the South and the Middle Belt dislocation will be preceded by the declaration of state of emergency in Plateau. Unless the perpetrators of the continuous massacre of people all over Nigeria are brought to justice, it is going to blow up in everybodyâs faces. And it will not be pretty. The days of absolute domination are gone. It is repulsive that even if named, perpetrators are relocated to Abuja, where their cases are buried. Apologist called wanton mutilation of human a revenge. It happens again and again. Revenge again and again. They had all the support they need from the soldiers who denied that they were alerted. As they were denying that, another massacre was going on under their noses. Oh, they arrived late and later to prevent another one. The same thing has been going for years and there is no sign of abatement. Apologists should preach to perpetrators prior, not victims after. They are tempting the Acting President to see if he would over-react so that they will get the opportunity to strike. This may not be a good time to strike because Nigerians have learnt from past mistakes. In unison shall we resist any cabal that try to takes over Ebele Government. They have not seen enough people demonstrating yet. It will back fire big time. They will make it easy for more youths to join ethnic militia and resist the cowards who cannot protect us from either external or internal aggression. There is enough blame to go around. We have more people from the Middle Belt in the Nigeria Army than any community in the Country. If that is the case, they should not suffer as victims while the Army stands by. The fact behind the conspiracy is that the region is spilt along ethnic lines so the old divide and conquer is at play. We have many complicit generals from the area in the Army but not as much as those they love to please: powerful âa drop of bloodâ royals that have gained overall control. They will not even take calls from their superiors in Middle Belt! Middle Belt generals, you are on notice! Go to the Southwest and ask Akinjide who defined two-third for Shagari, and Obasanjo, their trusted adopted son what they think of them today. Or you can ask the Southeast who has benefited from the Unitary Government of Ironsi. When Issac Boro declared independence, these Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa crushed him. Today the same Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba powers have been neutralized. If the world can respond to Bosnia, they will respond to Nigeria in a bloodbath between the Nigerian Army versus All Militia with the support of common people. Whatever their economic and political goals surreptitiously clouded in religious passion, they would have pushed their luck too far. How many decent people are supposed to watch and see these massacres and play deaf and dumb because they do not want to âheat up the polityâ. Polity my foot! People must be calm alright, they must be law abiding for sure and even provide evidence that not one but so many were killed. Those conditions must also include self defense. The men must organize themselves and provide night vigil to their women and children against those who disguise as or were soldiers, the midnight marauders. If police and soldiers cannot protect you, you must protect yourselves. There is honor in defending your women and children. Midnight cowards hate resistance. Their impunity can be punctured so that the next time they invade, they are not sure what is coming around their shoulders. They have broken peopleâs customs elsewhere. It is only when they paid severely for it that they check themselves. If law enforcers are helpless and cannot control perpetrators, they must not hold anybody down so that perpetrators can have a field day. A hungry man is an angry man and nobody has monopoly on violence. There will always be fools who fight for money bags because of a bag of rice. It is not meant to last any family, it is just to carry you as far as they need you for their atrocious duty again. Those who train their poor as hooligans so that they can have reserve at hand to deliver their message must be held responsible. But then, by whom? If breaking Africa up into ethnic âpuritiesâ or into rich and poor people will solve our problem, so be it. We must not wait a day longer because the pain of atrocities perpetrated on Africans by fellow Africans is too much to bear. History is a living testimony that we have walked this path once, divided ourselves into the strong and the weak, ethnics and tribes, poor and rich only to be conquered by those who exploit the fragmentation of Africans. Our worst parasites in Nigeria are not limited to fleas and ticks dog suckers that are ready to take us down, they are bastards who do not consider themselves Nigerians roaming about the Country with one drop of foreign blood in them. They will never be accepted where their great grandfathers come from. Indeed, they are considered slaves amongst them and will never be taken back. But in Africa, they proudly call themselves Arabs, Oyinbo or Kora from the Middle East and Europe with religions alien to peaceful coexistence in Africa. The heads of Nigeria religious bodies are out of Africa. They may as well go on and massacre in the broad daylight as they did the Hausa during jihad, instead of the midnight hour. Why in the night like cowards, to limit resistance? They wave a peaceful religion, caretaker of Islam and their followers believe it. While the position of the Pope was reserved for the Romans except a few times in history until recently, Muslims Arabs have never yielded leadership to others. Peaceful, as in baby-killers. Their languages of prayers to God were in Latin and Arabic since that is the way heavens decreed it. Recently, people are moving away from their God. We use too many languages to pray which their Gods may not understand. When was the last time an Arab prays behind Hausa man or âFulaniâ man prays behind Southerners? Yeye dey boom! We are sick and tired of the killings with impunity and the use of one neighboring brothers and sisters against the other for political power that position a few in charge of money bags and the Armed Forces. Corruption of the highest order is in Nigeria where those in power calculate pay for one another according to international gratuity while the rest of us live on less than 300 naira a day. With so much income disparity, those few fiddle and gamble on the poor to go after one anotherâs throat like watching games of bull fights. by Farouk Martins Aresa

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Olu Sege    Indi, US    March 26, 2010
It sounds like if the East is allowed to go by any act, West will also go.
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