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Author Name: Samuel Chuks
Number of articles: 1
Government as a matter of urgency should establish the above commission to regulate all religious groups... (0) Comment

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Nigeria: Proposal for Economic and Religious Crime Commission (EFRC)
Author: Samuel Chuks | September 26, 2011

Government as a matter of urgency should establish the above commission to regulate all religious groups and their activities since majority of them are lawless and have refused the commandments of God. Majority operate on their own without any supervision especially the Pentecostal pastors and churches. Ironically, they have their own man made, constitutional laws, and by-laws to guide and rule them while rejecting or ignoring the divine laws hence families, churches, and the society these days are disobedient, and in a state of lawlessness. Some Pentecostal pastors and some other denominations preach that the law of God – The 10 Commandments was nailed to the cross including Sabbath observance, yet the same men of God preach in favor of old testament Judaic tithe laws and numerous offerings and sacrifices which Jesus actually nailed to the cross. Funny enough, all these Christians, religious denominations, follow strictly their own man made laws, constitutions, edicts, canonical laws, Roman, British, Indian made religious traditions and laws - yet the Sovereign law of the Lord that took Him 80 days and nights at Mt. Sinai, writhen with God’s own finger, engraved in stone tablets nailed to the cross? What a shame to Christendom. hence the Church, family and society seem to be in a state of lawlessness (Mathew 5:17-20/.Revelations 22:14 (KJV) Psam1:1-3; Rev. 12:17 KJV) Government should immediately use the services of a special arm of Economic, Financial, and Religious Crime Commission (EFRC) with the aid of Police, Civil Defense etc. to handle various religious crimes. The Government or a special organ should come up as a matter of urgency to enact “Religious Complaint Commission” (RCC) for the public to report various crimes committed by the men of God, their churches which must include other religious organizations against mankind. The Word of God says in Jeremiah 51 :20-28 “ With you I scatter nations, shatter kingdoms, princes and prince etc. and a standard to enforce the will of God in our land must be established” If possible form a special tribunal or court to handle strictly religious problems as a mark of respect to God and his son Jesus Christ like sharia courts for Moslem brothers.From experiences, today’s men of God Priests, Bishops prophets, Evangelist, Apostles, General Overseas are cowards, and can not bark or bite etc against evils in the society. God referedto them as the beasts of the forest etc (see Isaiah 56:9-12/ Ezekeil 34 :8-12/ Ezekeil 22:25-30 etc) Government To Be Seriously Involved In Licensing. Supervision And Monitoring Of Churches 1) In addition to the existing conditionality for licensing Churches any person that would like to float a new Church must pay the sum of N5million to the Federal or State Government before he or she will be granted authority to open God’s own business center call Church. This is to avoid all comer’s affairs because God is not mocked neither should any responsible God fearing Government use the name of the Lord in vain in contravention of the 3rd Commandment of the Lord which most Pastor’s and their High Priests would not like to hear hence both the Church, family and the society seem to be lawlessness since men of God preach that the law of God – the 10 Commandments have been nailed to the cross except tithe laws and all kinds of offerings and sacrifices which to them Jesus forgot to nail at the cross.- What a lying and deceitful theology by men of God thereby making God a lying of his own job that took him 80days and nights at Mount Sinai, engraved on stone tablets, and the only passage in the Bible God wrote with His own fingers. 2) Opening of new branches of the same Church will attract N250,000 per branch 3) Churches to start paying tax to the Government since money is their god, and their belies, and they believe that without money –no Church can exist. How much did the founder of Christianity used to establish this religion? Jesus says that freely you receive the spirit of God, and freely you shall give. And it is better to give than to receive. 4) The curriculum vitae of all the pastors and the Bishops, General overseers, including their past records must be collected and scrutinized especially for Pentecostal Churches since most of the orthodox Churches are well regulated, monitored and disciplined by their formations from all indications. 5) This new Economic and Religious Crime Commission [ERCC] should, regulate, monitor and discipline any ailing Pastor or Church. 6) Economic and Religious Crime Commission should call for public complaints on any ailing Men of God or their Churches and a special tribunal to handle all religious or related cases for the security and sanity in our dear country. This should be called religious reformation not only in Government since the scriptures according to Jesus the Founder of Christianity says that judgments shall start from the household of faith – The Church. Apostle Samuel Chuks

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