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Author Name: Anthony Joseph Onoh
Number of articles: 9
The return of the Nigeria´s first lady, Patience Jonathan, from an alleged medical treatment in Germany... (2) Comment

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Mama Anata! (Mum is Back) - Nigeria's First Lady, Patience Jonathan, returns to Nigeria
Author: Anthony Joseph Onoh | October 20, 2012

The return of the Nigeria´s first lady, Patience Jonathan, from an alleged medical treatment in Germany where she spent several months away from the active political life of the country has triggered suspicion of foul play and raised speculations of conspiracy questions. In a country where nonsense, nuisance and noisiness enjoy immeasurable premium, heroes and heroines are made from barrage of nonsense, nuisance politicians and noisiest demagogues. The first lady went away to an undisclosed location in the world, allegedly, in Germany; minding her business while official information about her routine became the most guided secret in the history of humanity. Curiously, Nigerians took so much interest in trying to ravel this mystery around her sudden disappearance from the country´s public life. She remained actively in the news even when verifiable information about her location and activities where not forthcoming. Perhaps her blunders on the observation of protocols and other unique linguistic characterizations have kept her in the mind of many. Where is our first lady? We asked! Eventually, she emerged from nowhere, in an airplane, in a heroic appearance, from somewhere, waving hands in jubilee with continued official mute and public speculation about what happened. As expected, she wasnt going to unveil to her numerous imaginary fans what happened to her and possibly, as in the death of J.F. Kennedy; Nigerians would have to wait decades to discover the truth in this episode. Confident in her capacity as a triumphant nonsense achiever, she continued her triumphant entry back to Aso Rock in a convoy of ostentatious vehicles with government agents of high moral decadence. Presumably, as many nuisance politicians, she believed in the art of celebrity syndrome and preferred a show of irresponsible appearance when she discreetly exited the country. Seemingly, Nigerians were attracted to that noisy celebration of a government without democratic principles who made them throng the street to express the approval of a political wrongdoing to the nation. Millions of tax payers money may have been squandered in order to sustain this extravagant and speculative media-political game. She was probably used as a distraction to the media in order to divert interest from the important political questions. Her ailment remained unknown, the reason for her sudden reclusion could not be assertively verified and conflicting information and rhetorics continued to inundate the media. If late Umaru Yaradua would move his lids from the grave and see the actions of Aso Rock today, his consternation will be overwhelming. The debate on the secrecy over his health remained vividly in the memories of many Nigerians. Some people would argue that Yaradua had a constitutional responsibility to the country while the first lady does not. Fine! The state should, therefore, remove a battalion of security detail around her, curb the number of her special aide, reduce the amount of ceremonial activities around her and keep her from benefiting, largely, from public funds. In my conjectural judgement, if we do not deserve to know what happened to our first lady, where she certainly was, what her ailment was and whether she is cured, she does not deserve that parody or maybe circus of false heroism. The celebration of her return falls short of the criteria for mama anata (mum is back) chant. In Nigerian society, when a mother returns after serving a feat, she is greeted with mama anata o yo yo o by her children. Nigerians should not endorse such offensive trend of pomposity and arrogance from the first lady. A true mother does not exalt herself above her responsibility on the children. Call me bad belle, but the fact remains that Nigerians have been taken for a ride. If she is ill, I wish her a quick recovery as a fellow human being. I however despise her attitude as a public personality. The same goes to all the tenants of Aso Rock who staged this shameful-theatrical scene for Nigeria, Africa and the World.

(2) Comment

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Apampa kola    Ibadan, Nigeria    October 21, 2012
Big deal! How many Nigerians have died since Dame Patience went on vacation? We need to let her be. Every mortal has a terminal date on earth. No matter how many billions of dollars she keeps abroad, one day she'll leave all that behind.
Chinedu Ibe    Lagos, Nigeria    October 21, 2012
Nigeria politicians are stealing our money without mercy. This woman is enjoying every privileges more than the president himself. I remember when she was acused of causing DANA Air plane crash. She closed down lagos airspace. Now she is using our money to spend shopping and lieasure time abroad. Nigeria will never succeed with people like Jonathan and his wife in power.
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