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Author Name: Farouk Martins
Number of articles: 571

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YEEPA: Ebola Kills Medical Hedonic & Religious Paradise
Author: Farouk Martins | August 12, 2014

Ebola has stopped foreign voyages that impede our local discoveries. If by misfortune, omission or commission looters fall sick in Africa, dying or in comma; you could have bet your house that arrangement was completed for them to catch their last breath at Queen's or King's hospital in the western world. Ebola has denied them place of death proudly displaced on their obituaries. Africans are mad. Oh they are mad that Americans know about a cure for a disease that did not manifest in their cold environment but bred in the warm environment of the African countries and kept the a few cures for their own. Until we develop a unique way of learning what will enable our scientists to come up with discoveries that improve the lives of common man, we may never find a cure for Ebola, other viruses, bacteria and parasitic illness in our environment. If no be me na who God go save first! Yes, the death of a top Sierra Leone's virologist from treating folks with Ebola was very hard to take. When others find miracle cures in their environment and laboratory, we want it shared with us before they give to their people. But we spend our money in hedonic celebrations of personal stolen wealth, hope for churches and mosques miracles. Yet, helpless as Boko Haram persecute our kaferi, agnostics and unbelievers that could pursue and concentrate their efforts in turning myths into science, witch craft into discovery and star wars into reality like western continents. When we talk about giving due respect to the dead, we mean the evil that men do lives after them especially those whose thugs, militias and religious fanatics bombed hundreds of people as if they were ants and insects deserving insecticides. Not even cats and dogs body parts should be blown helter skater across the street and left uncared for like Ebola bodies. The worst of it is that their deaths are reminder of ongoing carnage and how susceptible we are. As humans we give due respect to the dead, but not to those whose policies and individual greed killed babies, children and mothers suffering from preventable diseases that could not be taken care of in clinics and health centers by nurses, community health officers (physician assistants) and primary care doctors. The cost of taking care of one untreatable dying politician can provide for hundreds of these patients and prevent or cure Ebola in Africa since 1976. Africa has not moved or joined even the rich Asian Tigers poorer than us before independence. It is a noble gesture to honor Africans internationally for innovations, discoveries if they uplift their countries from grass to grace and from poverty to riches. No matter how well intentioned the economic theory in terms of structural adjustment, of so called emerging markets, if the lives of the average African is still in the ditch or slums and only a few can afford medical tourism while dying, local initiatives and discovery of cures will be slow. Now their bodies would be rejected for fear of Ebola. Before the young African generation bark at us, the fault here is squarely put on the back of our award and praise seekers for validation. Not on those that are rightly working on their own interest and would cure their Ebola patients before ours. Otherwise, our looters would be found dead only in foreign hospitals so that their children, on their only and last visit for burial can display Queen Hospital on obituary in Nigeria. Some of the big tasks African independent fighters had to prioritize were education, primary healthcare, food and shelter. Included in the healthcare was prevention and cure of diseases so that our population can live fully. At no point could our pioneer leaders envisage the type of selfish vagabonds that lead us today. They are so ignorant; they even bite their own fingers and forgot the generosity of the past leaders that gave free education and brought them to power. How many awards did Nkrumah and Lumumba get from foreign countries? Yet by any objective calculation of accomplishments, the two remain the greatest Africans that suffered humiliation from the indirect hands of African oppressors, unbowed. People forget that Mugabe got praises and many awards while courted by western countries. As they procrastinate on promises to hand over people's land to their rightful owners, Mugabe became impatient with the timetable. Needless to say, Mugabe became pariah but could not be discarded as Nkrumah and Lumumba. All the awards, praises and celebrations stopped while economic sanctions reduced his Country to super inflated Zimbabwe dollars. Before that it was Mwalimu Nyerereââ¬â¢s Ujama that was castrated in Tanzania for trying to be economically independent. That is a lesson about awards. The children of Adedibu, Arekunsola, Umaru Dikko and other miscreants must hear us loud and clear, that their dead parents stole Ebola cure while stealing us blind to provide for them as we toiled. Take a good look at those paying them condolence visits; you will see the birds of the same feathers that became our President at one point or the other. If these are the type of people we could muster as leaders, it is an indication of how low we have degenerated morally. If there is a place called heaven Dora Akunyili would refuse to be associated with the vagabonds even in death. The way she was going, Ebola cure could have been encouraged. Going downhill a long time ago, Senate forgave looters in their midst like Okadigbo and fraud in the House like Buhari and Madam Etteh as if it was their own money. The curses of Ebola dead, of the weak and old that should have been cared for, with the money they stole should be on their heads. Leaders that aggrandize common thugs deserve the worst punishment the people in revolt can administer for turning the richest continent full of milk and honey into that of Ebola and sour grapes.

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