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Author Name: J. Ezike
Number of articles: 18
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The end of the Goodluck Jonathan nightmare
Author: J. Ezike | May 20, 2015

I wish to make this declarative proposition without any apology or an atom of reservation – Goodluck Jonathan's presidential performance is inarguably the worst in the history of our nation.

I do not wish to chew words or beat around the bush – rather I wish to go straight to the point by hitting the nail on the head. Since the birth of the geographical expression known as Nigeria, corruption has been the tradition from the office of power – an unholy status quo – a cycle of evil – an episodic drama of injustice – a nightmarish image of madness – an antichrist fellowship of honorable criminals.

The game of Politricks – combination of Politics and Tricks has endured during the course of our corporate existence – from the genesis of our national independence to the revelation of our current crisis!

A primordial atrocity with no hope to an end, a political disease passed on like an Olympic baton from one agent of disaster to the next antichrist. A colossal embezzlement of public funds with impunity, a gang up of political mafias, touts, vampires and cannibals in seats of power – men and women without human conscience – architects of poverty, masters of death, authors of lies and deception, animals in human clothing – beast of no nation – wasted generation! Nigeria as a nation is leaderless! Shame on all the leaders who have chosen to rape the resources of the land – to abuse their oil of leadership and power!

Shame on Goodluck Jonathan and the past leaders of this country who have done nothing but loot and steal from the financial purse of the nation to achieve their self-interested motives, shame on all the leaders in Nigeria who have chosen to play Politricks with human lives. Shame on all the leaders in Nigeria who have chosen to enslave their own people! Nigerians have been perpetually disenfranchised.

The corporate existence of the nation has been outrageously jinxed by corruption. Nigeria as a nation is heading to disaster. It's been 55 years of looting, 55 years of massive embezzlement, 55 years of political madness, 55 years of lies and deception, 55 years of empty promises, 55 years of injustice, 55 years of economic backwardness, 55 years of Military and Democratic brutalization, 55 years of terror, 55 years of martial law, 55 years of bad leadership – shame on all the leaders of Nigeria who have failed to justify our national freedom from colonial rule – shame on all the present and past leaders who have built a hellish and unlivable ground for the citizens – shame on all the present and past leaders who have remained stubborn and complacent to redeem our national image or to expunge the country from the products of economic backwardness!

Animals in suits and Agbada! Animals with BS.C and Ph.D. Animals in khaki and human skin! A band of evil genius and destiny killers! The nightmarish sequence of corruption has endured since the inception of this union.

The Ironsi nightmare of 1966, the Gowon nightmare of 1967-1970, the Buhari and Babaginda nightmare in the 80's, the Sani Abacha nightmare in the 90's, the Obasanjo nightmare in the new millennium and now the Jonathan nightmare – a gang of visionless, repressive and corrupt officials. While the innocent citizens of this great country weep in agony – reduced to poverty and slavery, these collective forces of criminals – mad men in power, are busy popping champagne, building hotels, buying private jets, driving bullet proof cars, living an extravagant life with the wealth of the nation – decorating the land with chronic poverty and severe hardship.

Shame on all of you! The end of the Goodluck Jonathan nightmare we hope will bring a positive change in our nation. Muhammadu Buhari is no doubt a mirror reflection of Jonathan's image – in order words – he is another paragon of disaster – a symbolic representation of terror – an embodiment of evil.

And we hope to see this evil transform the image of our country and the lives of the citizens. We hope that this evil will put a stop to the Boko-Haram insurrection. We hope that this evil will fight corruption like he had promised. We hope that this evil representing a new party will bring new and progressive changes like they have claimed and proposed. We hope that this evil will redeem him-self by working for the good of the nation.

We hope that this evil will be focused and willing to work with a sense of purpose and vision. We hope that this evil will not join forces with other legions of evil to wreak havoc in the country. We hope that this evil will not repeat the errors or the atrocities of the past. We hope that this evil will prove to be the messiah Nigerians have been waiting for.

We hope that this evil will not in any way mastermind or orchestrate a treacherous scheme that will plunge this nation to crisis – religious or tribal war. We hope that this evil will exude the quality of humility, diplomacy, transparency, honesty and integrity. We hope that this evil fulfills every single proposition made under oath. And we hope that this evil becomes a blessing in disguise. God bless Africa, God bless Nigeria!

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Don C    Toronto, Canada    May 26, 2015
This writer is simply is ignorant as his article. He had in an attempt to appear unbiased brought Ironsi into the picture. Can this hungry attention seeker tell us how Ironsi was a nightmare in the six months that he tried to bring the nation back together. To better understand that this writer is obviously ignorant of the real meaning of corruption is to dig deeper into his claim of looting. The rumored looting against the Goodluck administraton was engineered by Obasanjo in a bid to return power to the North. The approach is reminiscent of the Igbo experience after the war where they were labelled as evil but those who slaughtered them, killed them, robbed them of their livelihood and savings were heros to this day.

This writer cannot provide any single evidence of looting by GEJ, neither can he provide any facts that suggest that the nation did not do well beyond his perception and gullibility. Goodluck has built more than his predecessors put together and the disaster of Buhari will prove this right.
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