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Author Name: Teinye Akobo
Number of articles: 1
Last article added: The Flip Flopping Leaders
Who becomes president really doesn’t matter, but what his or her presidency will achieve, domestic policies... (1) Comment

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The Flip Flopping Leaders
Author: Teinye Akobo | August 14, 2006

Who becomes president really doesn’t matter, but what his or her presidency will achieve, domestic policies (good roads, health care, transportation, employment, income equality, education, security, economic development), and of course a well directed foreign policy to boost the image of the Nigeria nation which is currently battered from right, left and centre, through many dubious activities of frustrated Nigerians, in search of greener pastures, and the shameful and cruel embezzlement of public funds by people that call themselves leaders, a list that is being topped by the so called southern governor’s. I have never seen or met any of the governors from the southern states, but I thought since they are from the area that have been deprived the basic facilities of the modern world, and gross environmental destruction caused by oil spillage and neglect, they would have the courage to stand by principles, disciplines and be guided by moral values, in which most of them lack at this time, oh sorry to say! Most of the south- south leaders would have gained immensely from the death of the tenure elongation bill, otherwise known as third term, if only they stood by their people and were guided by principles, but instead they choose to abandon their people and instead choose to embrace personal gains, when they would have embraced personal principles. When these current governors came to office in 1999 and occupied the government houses in Calabar, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Yenegoa, Asaba and Benin, we all thought since this were all sons of our land they will bring our pride back, but in fact we know them better now that they are a package of confused flip floppers with no aim. I am an indigene of Kalabari in Rivers State, which is now ranked the highest producer of oil in Nigeria, and with all the money that comes in, there is nothing meaningful to show for it, not even in the other states of Delta, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Edo. When this issue of third term came up for debate in the senate, I boasted in presence of many of my foreign friends that the south- south had respectable members in the national assembly that would take into consideration the wish and positions of their people, but all this boasting came to a crashing end, when each and every member from the south- south, save Senator Udoma and Senator Danjuma, stood up with impunity and spoke on the floor of the various chambers, how their people are in support of tenure elongation, which people? More annoying are those that kept quiet and said they were undecided, that was the greatest height of cowardice I have ever seen, because they didn’t even have the courage to state whether they were for or against, they choose to sit on the fence, I guess due to fear that there personal interests may be at stake, putting them in the same category of those that supported it. Forgetting that the Obasanjo’s administration is a total fiasco, they went on to state the invisible progress of this government, a progress that has resulted in frustration, hunger and increasing hardship, they recounted a number of progresses, which rounded up to only three, in the 7 years of the Obasanjo’s administration, and the progresses they pointed out were; debt forgiveness, fight against corruption and the almighty economic reforms that have led to clapping inflation of more that 25%. They even had the courage to mention the famous gsm revolution, what a high level of confusion! First of all let me state the failures of the OBJ’s administration, the first is the increase in crime and arms in the country, which has gone to an unprecedented level during this administration. then we are faced with the transformation of names from NEPA (Never Expect Power Always) to PHCN (aka Please Hold Candles Near) and believe me they have been living up to their name, as no where in Nigeria today can boast of 24 hrs of un- interrupted light after spending over $10 billion. Then we look at the issue of inflation, which is present in every sector of the economy, even diesel now sells for N90 per liter, so how will industries operate. Over to the telecommunications sectors, where people still make calls with 48- 50 naira, per minute, even with fluctuating network presence. The issue of bad road can only be directed at Chief Tony Anenih, as we still await his explanation on how he spent more than N300 billion on roads that cannot be seen. The so much talked about fight against corruption surely cannot go without some condemnation, as it has been turned to an instrument of witch hunting and political intimidation. Let us now look at the Education sector that Chinwe Obaji claims to be sanitizing, a sanitation that the gutters are cleared but the dirt’s are still left around the gutter, of course the dirts will go back into the gutter, it only takes time. And now economic mismanagement is now on the front burner of national discussion, just recently the federal government has been accused of illegally withdrawing more than $2 billion, from the country’s confers. also of recent, we are hearing new allegations of executive perjury, where the government has been lying to the entire nation that we had $35 billion in foreign reserves when in actual fact we only have $10 billion, and with the indiscriminate way the security forces are used to harass perceived enemies of the government and activist, election rigging and the media, that of Insider weekly is continuously most outrageous as it is still going on under the direct supervision of Gov. Daniels’ influence, all boils down to the many unconstitutional acts of the OBJ’s Administration. During the May 29th national broadcast by the president where he urged Nigerians that in search of a presidential candidate, the candidate should have a “track record of discipline, capacity to deliver, integrity and the essence of humanity- the fear of God” strikes me as a president whose life is a direct irony of a righteous man, when he in fact is the class prefect of the class of indiscipline, incapable, immoral leaders with the least respect for God. All these are very clear in the way and manner he is intimidating Nigerians away from the ballot box, by asking the governors to select among themselves a credible person, I wonder if the search of such a person wont take them a life-time as there are no such candidates among those that have declared. That brings me to rebuking Governor Kure for saying the South- south has no presidential material, that goes as a direct insult to the entire people of the region, but I understand where he is coming from and I will help him re-phrase that statement, ‘if this set of leaders from the south- south are the only ones fit to contest for presidency, then the South- south has no presidential material, as all of them are morally bankrupt and without focus’ also Governor Kure’s personal attack on Dr. Odili is welcomed by me as he is the ring leader of the gang of governors from the south- south that betray their people on a daily basis. Odili goes ahead to invite the President to commission unfinished roads, and projects that has not translated to bringing good lives to the people of Rivers State, and of course the people of the state have known no peace as the presidential lights, as the president’s siren is now being called flouts the state, every now and then. During the debate for third term, all the governor from the south- south region and four out of the five governors from the South-eastern state, all spoke in loud voices in support of tenure elongation, they all completely forgot that their respective regions should be allowed the presidency, now that the dream of third term has been killed, they are all asking for the presidency for their respective regions, what assurance do we get that when they are allowed the presidency, they wont equally seek tenure elongation and there wont be more mismanagement, the moment they are made presidents, our budget deficit will amount to $20 billion on unproductive projects as non of these governors can stand an independent enquiry about their finances and expenditure, of course we know what they did with the money they got during their government. If at all there should be any criterion for president it should be someone that believes in the unity of Nigeria, it doesn’t matter whether he is from the North, South, East or West, Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Urhobo, Tiv, Edo etc. what matters is that he is willing to perform and deliver as he has promised, and that he is a Nigeria that believes in sacrifice and is willing to be president not one that is prevailed upon to lead. If we should all be truthful to ourselves and our beloved country, we would know that whenever we think along ethnic and religious lines, we have only succeeded in coming to a point of destitution, where violence and hatred rains and where the nation is once more forgotten. For Nigeria to grow we must first and foremost come out of our fools’ paradise and acknowledge among ourselves what we want to be, either national saboteurs where we trade the gains of our country for personal gains, or democrats and activist. Activists are those that are constantly advocating for a better life and for freedom in every section of life, in which their lives are always under threats as they keep talking even when cowards are silent or quit, and in most cases have no personal gains from their struggles but work out of extreme and just convictions. Unfortunately Abdul Oroh and Adams Oshiomhole are not as they both stood down, when activists were all standing. I salute the Media for their brave efforts, the body of true activist that have always shouted for a better Nigeria. Democrats are those that speak when the tenets of democracy are being crushed or taken away and in most cases, are entangled in the debate of personal gains over selfless services, sadly only a few have completed this journey. And so far all the South- south governors have stop at the junction before the bus stop of democratic principles. On this note I salute the courage of Ken Nnamani, Orji Kalu, Atiku Abubakar and others that stood their grounds even when they could have manipulated the circumstances to personal gains.

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seleipiri Akobo    Minneapolis, USA    August 07, 2008
Hey Bro you know we both share same views with regards to the decadence that dwell among teh politicians we call leaders in our country. It hurts to know that we as a nation cannot boast of an election, instead what we have is a selection from a brood of vipers( thieves and thugs in agbada, caftan and woko).

Its pathetic to note that these so called leaders travel to other countries and enjoy the benefits of a civilized and functioning government but are so retarded that they cannot replicate the same fit in their states and the country at large.

I am excited that somneone has the guts to point out on the pages of this site the gross irresponsibility of our so called leaders. keep it up bro.
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