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Author Name: J. Ezike
Number of articles: 18
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The Big Dirty Ocean
Author: J. Ezike | January 21, 2018

The big dirty ocean Nigeria never ceases to devour its own. And in response to this there are people living in grave fear, people desperately trying to make sense of this blood-spattered image it exudes.

Even when you loathe at its heinousness, its diabolic status, it somehow seems stronger in its infamous merchantry of death and enslavement of its own. Things that were covertly pushed to the corners of Hausa-Fulani's pit of lies and deception – Islamic conquest, War of attrition, Jihad – are now rising to the surface of the big dirty ocean. And that big dirty ocean is Nigeria.

The premeditated butchery of defenseless citizens across the nook and cranny of this nation with undisputed impunity cannot be overemphasized. It is evident in our daily lives. And like a big dirty ocean gathering momentum to run at a city, we are on the brink of annihilation – to become things of the past.

Sadly, not every fish in this big dirty ocean is taking effort to appease the spirits of the waters, to coax its destructive wave into obedience. For the avoidance of doubt, the fish in this context are the leaders, the big dirty ocean is Nigeria and the city is humanity.

The incessant massacre of the innocents in their thousands like worthless mammalians and the non-resistant, poker-faced reaction from those with the power to tame the “X-cannibals” into “puppet-dancers” has flattened the ambiguity of Nigeria's existence.

To put it in simple terms: Nigeria is finished! We wake up every day anticipating another evil from its womb. Human blood has become the petrol whirring the nation's engine. And I have never shied to argue that Nigeria loves sycophants – slaves who believe in the absolute righteousness of their gods in Aso Rock. Pretending that this big dirty ocean will be hygienic, stainless and fresh for drinking is false belief and such can only find space in fairytales.

 I heard a Nigerian journalist on Television speak about Trump's description of Africa as a “Shit-hole”. And the president was crucified verbally for such utterance. But I boldly say that Trump's statement was in fact a “metaphorical masterpiece”. It is not “balanced” journalism when we equate “truth” for hate speech and racial slurs.

What Trump said is exactly what the Western media and African looters have over the years massaged with Baby Lotion, when it is in fact a severe case of virus – the virus of mutual-corruption between the fishes of the big dirty ocean that is Africa and the big dirty ocean that is Europe.

“One-Nigerianists” who are not able to discern “truth” from Trump's comparison of Nigeria with a “Shit-hole” are dancing to the tune of their masters. And those who are proud of this “Shit-hole” called Nigeria are part of the shits in the hole. And because Trump's remark is objective not subjective, this matters.

Although his expression is biting but it is the truth. The conscience gives both common sense and stupidity. You may try to amp the beauty of a gorilla with lipstick, and eye-pencil and powder but a gorilla is still a gorilla. It is stupid to disguise its natural look for whatever reason... If you take away the intellectuals from the Nigerian equation I cannot find one “good” thing to celebrate the big dirty ocean. And it is also true that we've lost our best-brains to Europe and America.

Nigeria is a white invention: only black fools fail to see the reality of their slavery. And that is why when those of us in IPOB express our truth some sensitive “house negroes” call us miscreants and irresponsible elements.

They request for “rational discourse” but have failed to provide a clear answer in purifying the big dirty ocean – or even leading the way. All they do is speak grammar. Oblivious that Nigeria does not understand the politics of grammar. It understands only the politics of freedom. And freedom fighters are not known to be gentlemen or grammarians – they are mad men in suit and tie like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, they are mad-men in Isi-Agu and Okpu-Red like Nnamdi Kanu and Chinua Achebe.

There is absolutely no sector within Nigeria that deserves genuine admiration. Nigeria is what it is – a “Shit-hole'' – a big dirty ocean that cannot be salvaged.

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