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Author Name: J. Ezike
Number of articles: 18
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The British Clone Versus The Gongola Magician
Author: J. Ezike | October 08, 2018

As a politician of the Fulani extraction debating in favor of the “restructuring question” Atiku Abubakar presents himself as a magician with a mystical hat and a million tricks set to be conjured from a somewhat ethereal world for the transformation, rejuvenation and revitalization of the “beastly universe” into a “paradise park” – amidst the festivity of jingoism and blatant electoral riggings taking hold of Nigeria's political space as brazenly demonstrated by various parties (APC, PDP and APGA) ahead of 2019.

If Atiku's “restructuring mantra” doesn't sound like a familiar folklore, like a “crooked tale” staged in Nollywood, then someone needs to do a “reality check” on their expectations. Atiku the Gongola magician impresses us as being an opposite reflection of Buhari the British clone in Aso rock, as a virtuoso of nation building, integrity and vision.

 His role is that of the politician whose machination excites the unwary. But there is nothing unique, distinctive or revolutionary in his politics. His promises are not just a heavy dose of delusion; it also cleverly disguises the Caliphate's objective that conforms to the Fulani philosophy on power and its distant relative – subjugation. Both the British Clone and the Gongola Magician are armed with identical sermons bordering on “CHANGE” except that the latter is clever enough to fine-tune the political narrative.

The eponymous role he has taken on so desperately and played with so cunningly is one that all past Nigerian leaders have imitated and most Pro-Nigerians, I imagine, would gladly embrace in toto. Also, the Gongola magician is at least half-inclined to admit the mal-formation of the contraption, to acknowledge the Biafra question in the light of the people's revolution. And that this phenomenon constitutes the fate of the Northern and Southern protectorate – not only in this union poisoned by attrition but, in the entire black continent of Africa. Lest we forget, it is the so-called “change mantra” by the Hausa-Fulani collectives that plunged us in this apocalyptic misery – the exact grave damage that requires the coming of Jesus Christ to bring full recovery and restoration to the people's irredeemable losses and irreversible misfortunes.

Needless to say, the abracadabra of the Gongola magician dares to resurrect the corpse of the decayed enclave along with the carcasses of the butchered thousands whose bloods and bones are still fresh on the soil of this cursed entity, whose ghosts wander about the mortal sphere in righteous vengeance for justice.

The Gongola magician boasts of the power of appeasement and revival and I am tempted to ask if this Gongola magician in all his omnipotence is capable of rewinding the hand of time, of restoring life to the brutally murdered victims of the Enugu massacre, the Python Dance 1 & 2 jihad, the Bayelsa Slaughter Fest and the Middle-Belt killing spree.

I am tempted to know if this Gongola magician can undo the injustices against Ndigbo from the day one of 1970 when the “no victor no vanquished” conciliatory speech was HISTORICIZED. I am tempted to know if this Gongola magician is fortified with significant esoteric powers potent enough to resurrect 3.5 million Biafrans volleyed to their shallow graves.

If restructuring means justice, then justice within the context of the Biafra question is non-existent. Those who argue in favor of the premise are either selfish or dishonest. Thus: The justice we seek is attainable only within the ambit of outright independence. The call for Biafra referendum is sacrosanct and superior to opposing arguments. It is, as I have written, the collective resolve of a people determined to denounce this mythical marriage of diabolic possibilities.

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