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Author Name: HACKED
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To promote our culture and history, we will be presenting... (0) Comment

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The Nigeria Test - TalkBack Nigeria
Author: HACKED | August 02, 2007

To promote our culture and history, we will be presenting a series of tidbits (TalkBack Nigeria) that will attempt to potray a different image of Nigeria

Test your knowledge of Nigeria and its history. Take the test without any aids and see how you score. Then you can use aids (e.g. google) to find the correct results or send an email (comments @ for the results

This week we present the NIGERIA TEST. Comments are welcome
  • Who was Nigeria's first President?
  • What were the Aba Womens riots about? (Bonus: when did it happen)
  • What years was Tunde Idiagbon the president of Nigeria?
  • Who was the first military head of state of Nigeria?
  • What is the first university in Nigeria? (bonus: what is the first indigenious university)
  • When a Nigerian says "I go die o", what does it mean?
  • Name three (3) states that border your native state (if your native state is Lagos, then choose Abuja)
  • Who was the first female governor in Nigeria?
  • Who is the city of Zaria in Kaduna named after?
  • Who is the first Nigerian to win an olympic gold medal? (Bonus : What sport and when?)
  • What is the capital of Nassarawa State?
  • Name ten (10) Nigerian languages (not dialects)?
  • What was Mary Slessor known for?
  • Translate this into your native language (the language of any one of your parents) - "Nigeria will be great again" ?
  • What does P.T.O on a piece of paper mean?
  • 2 years ago if you heard "UP NEPA" in Nigeria what did that signify?
  • Recite the Nigerian pledge.
  • Say the second verse of the Nigerian national anthem
  • True or false : King Jaja of Opobo was a slave Translate the following to Nigerian english: - Cookies - Gasoline - Truck - Pants (american) Translate the following to American/British English: - Molue - Suya - Weave On - Kuli kuli - Okada

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