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10 Lucrative Business Opportunities in Nigeria
| December 03, 2015

If you want to earn millions of naira, yeah i just said millions in Naija, read this and read this carefully, choose your area of business carefully, invest your money wisely while you understand that some are capital intensive and be sure of making millions back.

1)  Poultry Farming: is one lucrative business you never believed existed right? It is oh. Infact, foreigners come into Nigeria to invest into it. All you need is start with some 1,000 chickens, develop your birds and business properly, then watch as your account grow into millions.

2) Second-Hand Clothes: yeah, like seriously you won't believe how much you can make from this business. Let me tell you a secret, many Nigerians prefer to buy quality used clothes known as "okrika" or "bend down select" than cheap fake ones. The reason you will make money from this business is, the cost of importing used cloths is very low and this guarantees good turnover for your investment. The advantage is, it is not capital intensive.

3) Fruit Juice: Nigerians are juice loving people, you know that right? Yeah,on our planet, Nigerians consume more fruit juice than any other people. Truthfully, this is a tough business and it is capital intensive but if you can afford it, you won't believe how financially tall you will grow.

4) Snail Farms: As slow as a snail can be, how fast they can make your account fat and green! Snail farms are not too popular in Nigeria, all you need is a big area for your snails because you have a big market to satisfy. The good thing is, this business needs little or no capital to start because you really do not need a special equipment/machine to start this business.

5) Oil/Gas: Nigeria is a country blessed with great deposits. The land is a blessing to citizens of Nigeria. You can start by owning a filling station and before you know, you will be rubbing shoulders with your

6) Car Wash: Ehn you do not know. Mehn, these guys make good cash. Just be a professional car wash, manage your business properly and get a good location, don't forget- look out for places/cities/towns crowded with cars and see yourself grow into a 'BIG BOY' or a 'BIG GIRL'.

7) Construction Materials: Hmm...everyone is building in naija, either in Lagos, Abuja or in their various villages. Did I say everyone..? Not really everyone but almost like everyone! The fact is, building construction is on its peak in Nigeria, so right now, if you want to make real money, you should become a dealer of construction materials.

8) Hotels and Estates: Owning or investing in an hotel/guest house is a real opportunity for true investors. Try investing today! Also, try renting out a property and see your account getting larger and larger by the day

9) Haulage: Haulage services is becoming a booming business in Nigeria because of Nigeria's poor rail transport system. You would not believe how wonderful your account would look like when you invest in this business.

10) Furniture Business: In this line of business, you do not have to be a carpenter. It involves buying and selling of furniture. Just get reliable carpenters who would constantly supply good and modern furniture to your showroom. You can generate good and really cool cash in Naija doing this furniture business.

I hope these ideas make you realise your dreams, dear potential millionaires. Don't forget, success is in planning and executing of plans. Start planning NOW! 

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kikelomo    Lagos, Nigeria    December 04, 2015
Really, i can make so much money from okirika, i look down on that business and see it as dirty.
Am happy i have a good hint now. Thanks
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