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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "A"

A whole.. Used when a man of substance is belittled e.g See how mobile police trash the guy, a whole managing director for dat matter

Abeg: Please.

Abi?: Is it not?

Abi na wetin!: What is it?

ABU: Amadu Bello University.

Acada: 1. Intellectual 2. University student 3. Book worm.

Acata: 1. USA or UK 2.Someone who lives in those places.

Acting big man: Deputy exercising power in the absence of the boss.

Adire: Dyed cloth.

Adonkia: contraction for I donít care attitude

Afang: Efik soup made from Afang leaves, beef, dried fish, crayfish, palm oil, and periwinkle.

Afraid catch me: I was scared.

Afta: After

Afta much:Inebriated after much alcohol.

Agaracha: Woman of easy virtue.

Agbada: Large traditional garment usually worn by men over a shirt.

Agbepo: Night soil man. (See - Onioburu).

Agbero: Labourer who carries heavy goods for a fee.

Agip: Any Government In Power. Derisory term for person who changes alliances as goverments come and go.

Agument: Argument.

Ah-ah: For goodness sake.

Aircon: Abbreviation for air conditioner.

Ajasco: Dancing with fanciful footwork. Also called Ajasco Toronto.

Ajebota: One used to butter; rich spoilt kid. See Ajepako.

Ajepako: Literally means -one used to eating wood i.e. uses a wooden chewing stick as toothbrush.

Akamu: Pap made from corn. See Ogi.

Akara: Bean cake made from fried ground black-eyed beans.

Akara school: Nursery school.

Akata: 1. Recent arrival from abroad (especially UK or USA) into Nigeria
2. Nigerian nickname for an African American

Alaba: Abbreviation for Alaba International Market, Lagos. Famed for the sale of electrical goods.

Alan Pozza: Poser.

Alau: Allow.

Alau him: Give him a break.

All na: It is all a .e.g All na wayo.

All night: Night vigil.

All Weda: Shoes worn all the time, come rain come sunshine.

Along!: Shouted when hailing taxi cabs in some states in Nigeria.

Am: Used in place of 'him' or 'her' in sentence e.g. 'Warn am O!'

Amala: Dough like meal made from yam flour and hot water. Usually served with Ewedu soup.

Amebo: 1. Gossip 2. Name of a character in a Nigerian soap opera (The village headmaster), with a penchant for gossiping.

Amerika: America.

Amugbo: One habitually smoking Indian Hemp. (Marijuana)

And Co: Wearing the same clothes or fabric with someone else especially married couple.

Andrew: One wishing to emigrate out of Nigeria. Term originates from government sponsored advert in which the main character - Andrew threatens to Ďcheck outí of the country due to various hardships.

Angola: Prison. Also Angola.

Animal and Sontin: Elephant and Castle (in Southeast London).

Anoda: Another.

Ansa: Answer.

Any attempt!: Don't even think about it!

Anyhow: 1. Shoddy 2. Inappropriate

Akpere: 1. Basket 2. Bad goalkeeper in soccer match.

Apoti: Yoruba word for small stool

Appear: 1. Arrive unexpected usually to something good such as a meal. Host will then say 'you waka well o'. 2. Arrive uninvited.

Apketeshi: 1.Illicit gin. 2.Native gin. Also called Kai Kai, Ogogoro, Push me-push you, Sapele water and Burukutu.

Apkroko: Gossip. See Amebo.

Apku: Cassava flour. See Fufu

Apollo: Conjunctivitis. (an epidemic swept Nigeria around the time of the Apollo 11 moon landing hence the name)

Arrange yua sef: 1. Make your own arrangements 2. Everyman to himself.

Arrangee: 1.Soiree. 2. Exclusive 3.Preplanned set up.

Area boys: Unemployed street-wise youth loitering in the neighbourhood. Also called 'Alaye boys' in Lagos.

Area girls: Female Anopheles mosquitoes.

Ariya: Good time. Aro: 1.Abbreviation for large psychiatric hospital in western Nigeria. 2. Lunatic.

Aromental: 1. Lunatic 2. Eccentric personality. (See Mentalo).

As: How it e.g. 'Tell am as e take happun'.

As for: That's the way it is.

Ashewo: Prostitute. See Agharacha.

Askology: Sarcastic reply to irritant question. Also- Askor.

Aso oke: Tradition Yoruba fabric worn on special occasions. Means Upper class cloth.

At-all: Not at all. Also- At-all ah-tall.

Atachee: 1. Hanger on 2. Social climber forcing themselves on the in-crowd

Attachment: Small stool placed along the aisle of luxurious buses for passengers who can't afford proper seats.

Aunty: Any older female. Used when first name terms not appropriate.

Awa: Our.

Awoko: Burning the midnight oil.

Awoof: Freebie. Without charge. See FOC.

Away: Foreign especially Europe and America.

Away Baffs: Imported clothes from Europe and America; especially designer labels. See Sputs, kack and Sputeez.

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