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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "B"

Baba: Father (Yoruba)

Baba Jiga: Derisory name for a person suffering from Jiga infestation. Also Baba sore.

Babawilly: Internet pen name of the author of this dictionary.

Babar: Verb. Hair cut

Babariga: Large traditional robe worn by man. See Agbada.

Babo!: WOW! Also Ibabo!

Babi: 1.Baby 2. Pretty girl.

Babi pancake: Girl fond of make-up.

Back: Carry a baby tied to the back with lappa

Backyard: Bottom. See Yarnsh.

Bad bad: 1. Severely e.g Di man wey moto jam wound bad bad. 2. Absolutely e.g She fain bad bad.

Bad-belle: 1 Malice. 2 Player hater.

Baffs: Trendy clothes. See Away Baffs

Bakassi: 1. Name of Igbo vigilante group. 2. Bottom. See Yarnsh.

Bale: Eat greedily.

Baler: One who eats greedily. See Long throat.

Bam: In good condition. See Kampke.

Banga: Palm tree fruit.

Banga soup: Soup made from Palm tree fruit.

Barawo: Thief

Basia: Large aluminium metal basin.

Bata: Shoe.

Battalion: Large family. See Papa Battalion.

Baze: Woo a girl. See Spin.

Beat am die: Beat to the point of death.

Been to: Well travelled.

Beg beg: One always begging.

Begin go: On your bike mate. See Hanlele.

Belle: 1. Stomach 2. Abdomen 3. Mind 4. Heart

Belle full: Satiety. See Gauge and Load.

Belle-sweet: Happiness.

Belle-turn me: 1. Diarrhoea 2. Abdominal colic. 3. Nausea.

Bend-bend: Illegal. See Corner-corner, 419 , Jibiti, Wuru wuru and Mago mago.

Bend down boutique: Second hand clothes. Usually spread on a mat at the roadside. See Okrika wake up.

Bending corner: Sharp corner of a road

Betta: 1. Good times e.g. 'Betta don come'. 2. Improvement e.g. things don betta.

Betta dey for Okra soup: 1. There's something good in store. 2. Good times are here.

Betta follow: Good fortune

Bi: Be.

Bi as e get: See Get as e bi.

Biam Bia: Beard .Also- Byah-byah.

Bico: Please.

Bicos: Because

Bicos why?: The reason is

Bifor: Before.

Bifor-bifor: Long time ago.

Bifor nko?: What did you expect?

Big grammar: Long and difficult English words. See Blow Oyinbo.

Big eye: 1 Ambitious 2. Greedy

Big man: 1. Rich and well connected man 2.Man in position of authority. See Oga.

Bingo: 1. Dog 2. Cooked dog meat. See Four-o-four. 3. Common dog name in Nigeria.

Black soap: Traditional soap made from Palm oil. Also called Ose Dudu in Yoruba.

Bleach: Use of skin lightening creams. Also Bleaching.

Block: 1. Defecate 2. Meet up with someone.

Blokkus: Scrotum.

Blow: 1 Punch 2 Speak with arrogance e.g. sofri-sofri blow Oyinbo.

Blow oyinbo: Use of long English words especially with a foreign accent.

Blom-blow: 1. Balloons 2. Condoms

Bo: For Pete's sake e.g. Comot bo! See Ojare and Jare.

Bobbi: Breasts.

Bobo: Trendy guy.

Bobo: Misinform.

Bodi: Body.

Bodi dey inside cloth: I am surviving.

Bodi do me: Premonition.

Bodi no bi firewood: The body has its limitations.

Boi: Boy.

Boju-boju: Yoruba word for ‘cover your eyes. 1.Hide and seek 2. Pay eye service e.g. Dis Boju-boju friend go stab you for back o! 3. Deception

Bole kaja: Yoruba for come down and let's fight and used for over crowded commuter bus in Lagos. See Molue.

Bold face: To bluff one's way through a situation.

Boli: Roast plantain.

Bom-boy: Baby boy.

Boma boi: Thug. Derived from Burma boy. Term probably originates from Nigerians who served under the British in Burma during WW2.

Bone: 1. Frown 2. Disagree e.g. e don bone for am!

Bones: Sun glasses. See Everything tinted and Shaded up.

Bonga Fish: A kind of blackened dried fish used to prepare local soups

Booze man: Drunkard.

Borkotor: Cooked cow's foot.

Borku: Very plenty. See Nyanfu-nyanfu, Full ground remain and Plenti plenti.

Born throway: Not in touch with one's cultural heritage.

Borrow-borrow: One always borrowing from friends.

Borrow-borrow make me fine: One well dressed up in borrowed clothes. Also Borrowed Baffs.

Bosaut: 1. Burst out 2. Come out 3. Explode.

Bottom Box : Treasured attire worn only on important occasions. e.g Dat yua dress na real bottom box o!

Bottom-pot: Dregs at the bottom of the pot.

Bottom Power: Undue favouritism toward's a female lover e.g Na bottom power she use get dat job o!

Bou-bou: Large voluminous dress worn by women.

Bow: 1. Surprised e.g. Man bow! 2. Applaud or be impressed e.g. everybodi bow when I land wit away baffs.

Boy's quarters: Small bungalow behind main house where hired domestic staff or extended family reside.

Boyi-boy: Houseboy.

Branch: Detour during pre arranged trip.

Bread: Naira (money)

Break Kola: Ritual breaking of the Kola nut at the beginning of a ceremony.

Brekoyan: Yoruba slang for Brassiere.

Broda: Brother.

Broda-broda: Nepotism. See Fren-fren and Who know man.

Broke: 1. Break e.g Na you broke di plate.2. Speak with big English words e.g Abeg sofri broke the grammar now.

Brokun: 1. Broken English 2. Pidgin English.

Brokun plate: Breakable plates especially China.

Brush: Hit someone hard.

Buba: Traditional blouse.

Bubble: 1 Dance 2 Party.

Bukka: Roadside restaurant.Also- MamaPut and Food is ready.

Bulala: Horse whip. See koboko.

Bulgary proof: Iron bars built into windows for security

Bullet: Grammatical error especially in spoken English. Also Ibon.

Bunch: Embarrass.

Burukutu: Illicit homemade gin. See Apketeshi.

Bush man: Unsophisticated man. (derisive usage)

Bush meat: Game.

Bust: 1 Write off 2 Ignore. See Fashie.

Butta my bread: Answered prayer. E.g God don butta my bread.

Butter: Another name for Ajebota. Also Omobota

Buredi: Bread.

By air: 1. Reckless driving. 2. Speedily arriving at one's destination i.e. travelling as quickly as an aircraft. See Okada.

Byah byah: Bushy beard.

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