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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "C"

Caff: Cafeteria. Used mainly on University campuses.

Call: To be beckoned by unseen forces. Juju is usually implied e.g. dem dey call you?

Cantab: Run full circle and over take fellow athlete in long distance race.

Carbon copy: Dead ringer for someone else e.g See im face. Na real carbon copy of im papa.

Carbu-carbu: Unregistered taxi cab operating illegally. Not painted in official taxi colours.

Carry am for head: 1.Take up too much responsibility for something. 2. To become obsessed with something e.g See how e carry politics for head.

Carry dey do: Behave badly.

Carry go: Used playfully to mean -Get away or Get out of here.

Carry woman: verb 1. Womaniser e.g. you too carry woman.

Catch: 1. Enough salt in food. e.g. salt no catch dis soup at all. 2. Intoxication e.g. Ogogoro don catch am. 3. Excited e.g. Bodi dey catch am.

Cease light: Power failure. See Nepa.

Chai!: Good grief

Characteristics of Tombo: Sang to the tune of Michael Jackson's You wanna be starting something. (See Tombo)

Chance: 1 Take advantage of. 2 Intimidate 3 Cheat e.g. abeg no chance me jo!

Changer: Hifi

Charge: Loose one's temper.

Chassis: Brand new car

Chei!: Goodness! See Chai.

Chickito: Young pretty girl.

Chin: 1. Frowning 2. Angry. Also - Chinning.

Chin-chin: Fried bits of pastry served as appetiser. See Small chop.

Chineke!: Oh my God!

Chipay: Cheap. See Chepeleke.

Chipeleke: 1. Cheap 2. Cheap article.

Chop: 1. Food 2. Income 3. Bribe 4. Embezzle money e.g Dat Oga chop belle-full bifor e retire.

Chop bottle: Eat glass. Part of pre fight preamble during which various threats and questions are asked to measure of toughness of the opponent e.g. you dey chop bottle?

Chop bullet: Get shot.

Chop life: Enjoy life.

Chop money: Monthly or weekly house keeping allowance.

Chop mouth: Kissing.

Chop-remain: Leftovers of meal.

Christmas goat: Used for one was sweats excessively e.g. which one you dey sweat laik Christmas goat. i.e. the goat sweats for its life as Christmas draws near.

Chuk: 1. Prick 2. Stab e.g Why you chuk me naif?

Chuk body put: 1. Squeeze into tight corner. 2. Getting involved with other peoples buisness.

Chuku-chuku: Thorny.

Ciga: Cigarette

Clear: 1. Leave e.g Make you clear commot. 2. Malicious sliding tackle during football game e.g See as them dey clear leg, abi na fight? 3. Finish large meal e.g Di guy clear the Eba finis o!

Close eye: Grin and bear it e.g close eye drink dat medicine ojare.

Close marking: Following spouse to every social event for fear of husband or wife snatchers.

Cock-shoe: Court shoe. Any low cut ladies' shoe not bearing laces.

Coke and Fanta: Derisory term used to describe the mottled complexion one who uses skin bleaching products.

Colo: Loose ones mind e.g. Dat guy don dey Colo.

Come chop: Small party. See Arrangee.

Comot: 1 Come out 2 Get away! E.g. comot for here jo! 3 Excuse me e.g. comot road make I pass.

Comot for road: 1. Make way 2. Get away!

Compin: Company.

Compound: Fenced off house, bungalow or groups of huts.

Condemn: Spoilt beyond repair e.g. see how she juss condemn the moto.

Condition make crayfish bend: Saying used when one is forced to do the unthinkable due to prevailing financial circumstances.

Confido: 1 Confidence 2 Self confidence.

Confra: University Campus Fraternity. See Cult Guy.

Congo-meat: Cooked snail

Coolee: 1 Relaxed 2 Cool 3 Chill.

Coolu-down: Simmer down.

Coolu temper: 1. Control your temper! 2. Title of song by Nigerian saxophonist Lagbaja.

Corner-corner: Illegal.

Corofo: Army recruit.

Coror: 1. Dark corner 2. Crevice.

Corporate begging: High class begging e.g. A rich man or business with cash flow problems begging for loans.

Correct: Very good. e.g Di bobo na correct guy.

Correct Correct: Extremely good.

Cortex: Nail varnish.

Cortina: Type of school sandals.

Count: Afford e.g You fit count Twenty thousand as you stand so?

Country paper: 1 Passport 2 Right of abode in foreign country.

Court!: Rallying cry for everyone in a public building to rise and leave. Usually done to embarrass speaker or performer on university campuses.

Cover beer: Aluminium beer bottle cover.

Cost: Expensive. Also Too cost.

Crape: Defraud completely e.g. e crape all my money or E don crape my head pata-pata. 2 Finish (food) completely. See Level.

Crash helmet: Prominent forehead. Also Opun.

Craw-craw: Skin ailment especially rashes.

Craze: Crazy.

Cross leg: Idleness. e.g see as e cross leg dey wait awoof.

Cruise: Use excessively.

Cry blood: Threat. E.g. you go cry blood today today.

Cry-cry: Cry baby.

Cry dey call you: Threat to a child before a smacking. See Trouble dey call you.

Cross no gutter: Tight and long skirt i.e. it would be difficult to skip across gutter.

CU: 1. Christian Union 2. Born again Christian.

Cubes: Sugar cubes

Cult guy: One belonging to secret societies, nocturnal fraternities or clubs especially in higher institutions.

Cuni: Contraction of cunning. Also Cunny or Cuni-cuni. See Wayo

Cuni man die cuni man bury am: It takes one to know one.

Cut: Share of the loot. Usually involves a bribe.

Cut and sew: Bespoke tailor. See Mobile tailor.

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