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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "D"

Dabaru: Spoil.

Dada: Dread locks. Also called Bob Marley.

Damn: To rudely cut short someone who is speaking . Also Idanminashon.

Dance blues: Slow dance with couple in each other's arms. Also Hold tight.

Danfo: VW Combi bus.

Dash: 1. Gift 2. Bribe.

Dat: That.

Dat na question?: Rebuff to a silly question.

Dat one na grammar: That is not practical.

Deck: 1. Dress very well e.g Di bobo deck o, ah-ah. 2. Punch to the ground e.g Man go deck you o! 3.To sit down relaxed. E.g See e deck for chair laik na im get am.

Decks: Fine clothes. Also Deckeez. See Baffs.

Declare: 1. Pay for a round of drinks. 2. Buy new item e.g. Di guy don declare new jeep o! Also Declaration and Declare shows.

Dem: 1. Them. 2. They.

Dem-dem: A group of people with an affiliation such as students or soldiers.

Dem no born you reach: Threat or dare meaning "Don’t even think about it".

Dem no send me message: I will not get involved.

Dem send you?: Have you been sent to torment me?

Denge: Strike a fine pose.

Dey: 1. Is e.g. wetin dey happun 2. Location e.g. where you dey 3. Stance in the matter e.g. which one you dey sef. 4. In existence 5. Spectacular e.g. dat car dey well-well.

Dey go: Keep on going.

Dey laik Dele: ( Dele is a Yoruba name) 1. I am barely surviving e.g Man juss Dey laik Dele. 2. Being idle e.g You juss dey there laik Dele . Also - Standing like Standard Bank, Looking like Lucozade and Dey like you no dey.

Dey there now: 1 Keep on in self deceit 2 It is there at present.

Deshine: Public humiliation.

Die for: In love with.

Di: The.

Di thing wey mai eye see, mi mouth no fit talk am: Words fail me.

Dia: 1.Their 2. Dear or expensive eg Dat moto too dia.

Different eye: Individual variations on interpreting what is seen.

Different different: Assorted e.g Na different different kain fish dey inside dat soup.

Dig am out: Fight e.g We two go dig am out.

Diopka: Elderly wise one.

Direct entry: (Obsolete as A-Levels no more in place in Nigeria) Gaining admission into University after A-Level examination. JAMB examination not done in this case. See JAMB.

Dis: This.

Dishi: Embarrass. See Deshine.

Do: Participate e.g. I no do again. 2. Afflicting one's health e.g. Wetin dey do am?

Do anyhow: Unruly.

Do betta: Show us the colour of your money. See Shake bodi.

Do quick: Hurry up!.

Do river: Well done. Joke using the word ‘river’ as opposed to ‘well’.

Do well: Well done e.g you do well.

Dodo: Fried plantain

Dodge: 1. Avoiding someone 2. Escape e.g. man juss dodge comot.

Doing laik dis: Acting this way e.g. Why are you doing laik dis now?

Don: 1. Has e.g. e don come. 2. Has it? E.g. e don come? 3. Have e.g. I don tell am (present tense) 4. Have e.g. I don been tell am (Past tense).

Don run: Has ran away.

Donatus: (Derisory) One in habit of giving their services to others for free. Derived from- donate.

Done: Cooked e.g. yua own done?

Dormot: 1 Door mat 2 Area in front of main door to house.

Dorti-dorti: Garbage.

Dorti slap: dirty slap Hard slap across the face.

Doz bin: Garbage can.

Drain duck: Cleaners employed by Lagos state government to clean un block public gutters.

Draiv: 1. Drive 2.Chase away.

Draiva: Driver.

Draw: Slimy e.g Di Okra soup draw well well.

Draw bodi take: 1. Withdraw 2. Make hasty exit. 3. Avoiding getting drawn into a dicey situation.

Draw my throat: 1 Stimulate my appetite 2 Entice me.

Draw rain: Make an empty boast. Also Rake and Shakara.

Draw soup: Slimy soup usually containing Okra.

Dress: 1. Any kind of clothing. 2. Move your butt.

Drink garri: 1.In trouble e.g. you go drink garri today.2. Meal of garri and water. See Soak garri.

Drop: 1. A taxi journey e.g Oga, na fifty Naira per drop. 2. To alight from a bus. 3. Pay up 4. Monetary bribe.

Dros: Voluminous underwear.

Dry: 1 Slim person.

Dub: 1. Make extra copy of music tape 2. Copy neighbour's work during examination.

Dudu: Dark skinned person.

Dundi: Fool.

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