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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "G"

Gaining calories: Couple in tight embrace. Also-Gaining electrons.

Gallop: Pot holes in road.

Garium Sulphate: Garri. [pseudo chemical composition of Gari]

Garri: Dried cassava flour.

Garuwa: Aluminium container for fetching water. Garuwa is used as a metaphor for private business e.g. everybodi carry im Garuwa meaning mind your own business.

Gather: 1. Own a lot of an item 2. Hoarde.3. To be muscular e.g. See how the man gather. You no bow? 4. Beat up. e.g. See as e gather di man.

Gauge: Bellyful.

Gbagam: Loud clapper of bells.

Gbagbati: Excessive display.

Gbagbe!: Dismissive. Means Forget that one!.

Gbaladun: Enjoyment.

Gbana: Marijuana. See Igbo.

Gba summer: Enjoy.

Gba winter: 1. Suffer 2. Loneliness

Gbanjo: Cheap market sale.

Gbedu: 1. Rhythmic Afro beat sound 2. Loud sound system.

Gbegiri soup: Yoruba soup made from ground beans, red capsicum, onions, tomatoes and palm oil. Served with Amala, Pounded Yam or Eko.

Gbomogbomo: Child snatcher usually for fetish.

Gbosa: Loud explosion.

Gboyen: Fine girl.

Gen: Electricity generator. Also Standby Gen and Plant.

Gen-gen: 1. Exciting 2. On the edge.

Gerrout: Get out of here.

Geisha: Brand of sardines in tomato sauce.

Get: 1. To have or own e.g. I get shirt like dat. 2. To understand e.g. I don get wetin you dey yarn.

Get as e bi: There's something odd about it.

Get belle: Get pregnant. See Pregnapoline.

Get bodi: Overweight.

Get gist: Important information to tell e.g. I get gist for you.

Get head: 1. Sensible 2. Genuine e.g that deal no get head at all

Get mouth: 1 Talkative 2 Acid tongue. 3 Gift of the garb.

Get road: 1. Right of way while driving e.g. Na mi get road but e come shunt me. 2. Delusions of grandeur e.g. See poor man dey waka as if na im get road.

Get sense: Intelligence e.g. So you think say na you get sense pass?

Gettaway you: Get out.

Ghana must go: Large woven red or blue plastic carrier bag which was used by Ghanaians when they fled Nigeria during a mass deportation exercise.

Giam: Give it to him or her.

Giddying: Kissing.

Gidi: Lagos. Also Las Gidi.

Gif: Give.

Gi mi: Give it to me.

Giraffe: Examination malpractice were the neck is stretched to spy neighbour's work.

Girls follow me: Hair cut with horizontal parting on back of head.

Gism: GSM phone.

Gist: 1. conversation 2. Idle chat

Give chance: 1. Excuse me! 2. Get lost!

Give dem finish: Big entrance.

Give raps: See Spin.

Go: 1. Will 2. Indicating intent. (In present tense) e.g. I go beat you O!

Go come: See you when you get back.

Go come no dey: No dilly dally.

Go here go there: 1. Indecisive. 2. Neither here nor there.

Gonosheen: Gonorrhoea.

Go slow: Traffic jam

God forbid: God will not allow that to happen.

God forbid bad thing: God will not allow that to happen. Also God forbid.

Gorimapka: Derived from name of soap character with clean- head. Clean shaven head. See Moro-moro.

Got gist: Hear through the grapevine. Also Gotten gist and Them say.

Grab: Muscular.

Grabeez: Big muscles.

Gra-gra: 1. Commotion 2. Hustle 3. Overactive 4. Aggressive

Gree-gree: See Gra-gra.

Gree: Agree.

Gree yua own: 1. Takes a fancy to you e.g. di bobo gree yua own o! 2. Agree with you.

Ground no level: I donít have enough money.

Gulder: Brand of Nigerian beer.

Guud: Good.

Guguru: Pop corn.

Guy: Man about town.

Guy name: Trendy nickname.

Guy way: Acting cool.

Gwaince: To eat.

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