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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "M"

Machine: Motor cycle. See Okada

Mach: Trample upon. Also Mash.

Madam Kofo: 1. Character in Nigerian soap opera Second Chance famed for wearing large head scarves. 2. Lady with large head-scarf.

Made in England: Eat food and lick plate clean till Logo at the bottom of plate is visible.

Made in China: See Made in England.

Magani: Native aphrodisiac.

Maggi: Maggi cubes. Brand of seasoning cubes for cooking containing herbs and spices.

Mago-mago: Ilegal deal.

Magun: Spell put on woman said to kill her partner if involved in adulterous relationship.

Mai: My. e.g Commot mai front

Make: 1. Made e.g. Wetin make am sick. 2. Should I? E.g. Wetin make I do? 3. Let me e.g. Make I warn you o! 4. Parade one's self e.g. E juss dey make up and down.

Make eye: Wink.

Make mouth: Boast.

Make yeye: 1. Make fun 2. Crack jokes 3. Misbehave.

Mek: Make.

Make I hear word: Shut up.

Make I see road: Get out of my face.

Malu: Cow. Also Lama.

Mama dash: Hand me down clothes from a lady.

Mama-put:Road side food seller so called because customers frequently beg for extra helpings by saying 'Mama abeg
put more now'.


Mammy wagon: Wooden construction on the chassis of a lorry for carry passengers.

Mammy water: Mermaid.

Man: 1 Myself.

Man picken: 1. Me.

Man no die, man no rotten: 1. I am barely surviving.

Manage: Make do with second best.

Many leg: Complications e.g. Dat business don get Many leg.

Markit: 1. Merchandise

Mash: Trample upon. See Mach

Mate: 1. Age group. 2. Same social class. e.g. which day we become mate?

Matric: Matriculation into university.

Matric gown: Matriculation gown.

Mayguard: Night watch man.

Meanwilli: Mean while.

Mede-mede: 1. Salads 2. Foreign cuisine.

Medicine: 1. Juju 2. Tablets. Also called Melesin and medi.

Megida: Big man. Also Oga.

Mentalo: See Aromental.

Me shio nu: Shut up; Igbo word.

Mescaform: Mess up e.g Ol’boy, why you kon dey mescaform now?

Mesej: Message.

Mess: Fart. See Pollute.

Micro stuff: Small print information.

Miliki: Enjoyment.

Minerals: Soft drinks

Mind tell me: Intuition.

Mister man: Hey you!

Mm-mm: Mobile: Abbreviation for Mobile Police force which is a rapid response anti-riot arm of the police. Also called Kill and go (derogatory).

Mobile tailor: Tailor who slings sewing machine on shoulder and roams the streets in search of clients. Also Obioma.

Moda: Mother.

Moin moin: Steamed cake of ground black eyed beans containing pepper, bits of fish or corned beef. Also spelt Moyin moyin.

Monkey coat: Fanciful waistcoat.

Money for hand: No credit.

Money make iron float: 1. The iron float refers to large ships and the phrase means it cost money to do anything outstanding. 2. Money can do a lot.

Money miss road: Nouveau riche throwing money around.

Money yab man: Condition where desires can't be accomplished due to financial constraints.

Moni: Money.

Monkey dey work babon dey chop: The workers don’t partake of the harvest despite their hard work.

Molue: Rickety bright yellow bus used for transportation in Lagos.

Moro-moro: Clean-shaven head. Also Gorimapka.

Morning food: Breakfast.

Morocco: Indian hemp. See Igbo.

Mono mono: Lightening.

More-more: In addition.

Moto: Car.

Mouth organ: Cob of roasted or boiled corn.

Move: Brisk trade.

Move stuff: Show off one's academic prowess. Also Vibrate

Mugun: Fool.

Mumu: See Mugun.

Murd: 1. Die e.g. Di Baba don murd o! 2. Murder e.g. Wo, if you touch mi I go murd you o!

Muritala: Slang for twenty Naira note which bears the photograph of the late Nigerian Head of state; General Muritala Mohammed. Also called Muri.

My own don betta: My good fortune has arrived.

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