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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "N"

Na: It is.

Na dat time: That is the time.

Nada: Nothing

Na fight?: 1. Rebuff to someone being unduly aggressive. 2. Is it by force?

Na go bi dat?: Are you going ?

Na im: It is.

Naif: Knife

Nait: Night

Na one: Exclusive or distinctive item. Eg That Bobo Opon na one.

Na kwensh: See Na die.

Na so: 1. That is true. 2. That is how e.g. Na so e come dabaru everything.

Na so? : 1. Is that how it is now? 2. Is that true?

Na so I see am o!: That's the way it is.

Na una sabi: Thatís your business not mine.

Na wa : It is wonderful. Also Na wah.

Na wetin?: 1. What is it this time? 2. So what?

Na you bico: You the man please!

Na you o!: You are the man! Also Na you we dey look o!

Na you we dey look o: We look up to you.

Na yua eye bi dis?: Long time no see.

Naija: 1. Pertaining to Nigeria 2. Nigerian citizen e.g. Naija no go change.

Nak: 1. Tell 2. Hit e.g. Why you nak me for bodi laik dat now? 3. Eat 4. What someone is wearing e.g. See the shoe wey e nak. Natin: Nothing.

Natin spoil: 1. No sweat 2. Hey, no worries.

Native doctor: 1. Juju practitioner 2. Herbalist.

NEPA: National Electric Power Authority. Also Never Expect Power Always.

Next tomorrow: Day after tomorrow.

NFA: National Football Association. Also No future ambition.

NFAite: Student lacking in ambition.

Ngwo ngwo: Soup made from goat intestines, heart, liver, vegetables, onions and pepper. Served as a starter.

Nigerian factor : Excuse used to explain away failures in Nigerian organisations or government

Nko?: 1. So what?

No: 1. Did not e.g I giam chop e No chop. 2. Will not.

No bi?: Is it not?

No be me and you: Just count me out of that

No bi person: Persona non-grata E.g Dat one no bi person.

No bi classmate: Not in the same category.

No bi small: A lot. E.g. E get money no bi small.

No bi today: It didnít start today. e.g No bi today that man begin tief.

No dey: 1. Not at home. 2. Not available.

No dey stay one place: 1. Canít stay still. 2. Adventurous.

No dey take eye see: Canít see without touching e.g Dat guy no dey take eye see woman.

No do no do: Before I could say Jack Robinson.

No face: No time.

No how no how: One way or the other. Also - No do no do.

No go: 1. Will not.

No know: 1. Not aware.

No know im sef: 1. Ignorant or clueless person 2. One with exaggerated ideas about their true station in life.

No let: Do not allow e.g. No let am come here again.

No money for pocket: Financially broke.

No size in London: Very large size E.g. Im leg na no size in London.

No wan hear: Refusing instruction or advice.

Not to: It is not.

Notice me: One desperately carving attention.

Now: Placed at end of question for emphasis E.g Wetin dey do you now?

NTA: 1. Nigerian Television Authority 2. Gossip.

Number six: Intelligence.

Nyanfu-nyanfu: Plenty. See Borku and Plenti plenti.

Nyanga: Showing off. Also Nyanga Tolotolo.

Nyarsh: Bottom. Also Backyard.

NYSC: National Youth Service Corps. One-year compulsory national service undergone by all Nigerian graduates. After an initial 4 week military style training camp the graduates are posted throughout Nigeria to fill various posts. Also Now Your Suffering Commences.

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