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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "P"

Paale: Old man.

Paddy: Good friend.

Pafuka: 1. Give up the ghost 2. Collapse

Pain: Physical deformity e.g Una sabi dat guy now, di one wey leg dey pain.

Pali: See Paddy.

Pammi: Palm wine taped from tree top.

Pammy: See Pammi

Pan cake: Make-up.

Panda: Cheap gold plated jewellery.

Pangba: Astonishing e.g. Dat man Byah byah na Pangba.

Pangolo: Tin can.

Panla: Dried stork fish. Also Opkoroko.

Para: Abbreviation of Parasite. 1. Free loader e.g See as e dey Para all my food. 2. Unwelcome guest out to get something.

Papa: 1. Dad 2. Granddad 3. Old man.

Papa battalion: Man with many children.

Papa dash: Hand me downs from a man.

Papa dozen: See Papa battalion.

Papa-lolo: Dandy old man.

Parapo: Kinsman.

Parsha: Partiality. See Fren fren.

Pass: 1. More than or bigger than e.g. E big pass am. 2. Beyond me e.g. Dat one pass me o! 3. Obsolete e.g. Dat style don reign pass. 4. Relating to a bygone era e.g. Dat time don pass.

Pata: Underwear.

Pata pata: Completely.

Patch am: Managing.

Pay smol smol: Pay for goods in instalments.

Pepper: 1.Trouble e.g. You go see pepper.

Pepper don reach: I am alright financially

Pepper eye: 1. Jealousy 2. Sour grapes.

Perm: 1. Commit to memory 2. Woo a girl.

Persin: Person.

Petty trader: Road side vendor of assorted cheap articles.

Phichemba: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Pick pin: Punishment where one stoops on one leg to touch the ground with one finger and maintains the position. (Popular in boarding houses).

Pick race: Sprint off.

Picken: Child.

Picken wey say im mama no go see, im sef no go sleep: Admonition to disobedient child - "You think you are giving me trouble but itís you who will suffer most."

Pipo: People.

Piss for bodi: 1.Incontinence of urine 2. Paralysed by fear

Pkomo: See Ponmo.

Pkaje: Share of fraud money. See Cut.

Pkokiripko: Rackety.

Pkopo garri: Dried Tapioca usually eaten with salt and ground nuts.

Pompoo: Navel.

Plant: Electricity generating plant. Also Gen or Standby Gen.

Play: 1. Trick e.g. No play mi wayo jo.

Plenti plenti: Abundant.

Pollute: Fart. Also Mess.

Pololo: Prostitute. See Ashewo.

Ponmo: Boiled animal hide. Also Pkomo, Show-boy and Rain coat.

Popular jingo: Man about town.

Popular side: 1. Cheap seats 2. Standing only tickets in stadium.

Populo: 1. Cheap seats. 2. Cheap or very common article.

Port: Port Harcourt. Town in Rivers state, Nigeria. Also called the Garden city.

Poto-poto: Mud.

Poundi: Pounded yam.

Pozza: Poser. See Alan Pozza.

Pregnapoline: Pregnant lady. See Get belle.

Presido: President.

Press: 1. Demonic oppression especially in bed at night 2. Ironing of clothes. 3. To be dominated during soccer game.

Price: 1. Haggle over price with market trader. 2. Inquire as to the cost of items for sale.

Proper proper: Very well.

Provisions: Tinned beverages.

Puff puff: Fried balls of flour.

Pull your ears: Get ready to run off.

Pump: Public or outdoor tap.

Pure water: 1. Bottled water sold by street vendors in Nigeria 2. A very common commodity. e.g Dat car dey everywhere laik pure water

Push me push you: See Apketeshi.

Put: Appoint to position.

Put am for ground: Floor with a punch.

Put eye: Look at something with longing.

Put fire: 1. Stir up strife 2. Depress the accelerator pedal. (speed up) 3. Incite/goad two quarrelling parties into a fight.

Put mi for trouble: Get me into trouble.

Put leg for road: Start going.

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