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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "S"

Sabi: Know

Sabi book: See Know book.

Sacrifice: Bribe to Police at road junctions.

Sagalo: Overhead kick in Football game.

Saka: Know too much (sarcastic) e.g Na you saka.

Sake of say: The reason is.

Sake of what?: Why should that be?

Salenza: Exhaust pipe if vehicle. Derived from Silencer.

Salot: 1. Salute 2. Greetings

Samba: 1. Bottom. 2. A generous rear end. See Yarnsh.

Samma: Hit e.g I go samma you slap o! See Mammar.

Sam-sam: 1. Never 2. Not in a million years. Also Lai-lai.

San sand: 1. Sand 2. Dirt.

Santana: also Apku. Named after the car which normally comes in white and handles smoothly like Apku.

Sapele water: Native gin. See Apketeshi.

Saraa: Sacrifice. (Yoruba word.)

Satellite: 1. Abbreviation for Satellite Town , Lagos. 2. Large head scarf worn by women dressed in traditional attire.

Sawa: Sour.

Say: Is it not that e.g Say na you be di Oga?

Say wetin: 1.Why? 2. What?

Scata: Scatter. Also Scata-scata.

School Father: Male mentor to junior student in Nigerian boarding school.

School Mother: Female mentor to a junior student in Nigerian boarding school.

Scope: 1. To look at an object or person longingly 2. Tell a lie

Sebi?: Isn't it?

Sekon: Second.

See Blood!: Look at trouble!

See im place see mai place: We are close neighbours.

See Oba: See trouble; threat. E.g. If mai hand touch you you go See Oba.

See Pepper: See- See trouble.

See trouble!: What a fine mess!

Sef: 1. In particular e.g. You sef. 2. Placed at end of question when irritated or impatient e.g. Wetin sef?

Senior: 1. Elder 2. Someone in a higher class in secondary school.

Serve Juju: Worship idols.

Set: Hi-fi system. See Gbedu and System.

Set blow: Adopt a fighting stance.

Shack: 1. Drink alcohol. 2. Be intoxicated or mesmerised by anything e.g. The house wey e build juss dey shack am.

Shackeez: 1. Act of drinking. 2. Alcoholic drinks. Also Shak.

Shaded up: Wearing dark sun glasses.

Shakabula: Dane gun.

Shakara: 1. Showing off. 2. Boasting about the impossible. See Raking or Draw rain.

Shake bodi: 1. Spend some money 2. Pay the bill.

Shaki: Sheep or cattle cooked intestine.

Shako: Yoruba word meaning Show off.

Shalanga: Pit latrine.

Sharrup!: Shut up.

Sharp mouth: 1. Acid tongue 2. Gift of the garb.

Shenj: Change.

Shenlele-coolele: Chant usually sang by kids at each other before a fight in Warri.

Shey?: Yoruba word meaning- Is it not?

Shicoco: See Omoge.

Shift: Verb. Move out in convoy of cars.

Shimi: Slip worn under dress.

Shinani: See Omoge.

Shine: 1. Look well 2. Look glamorous.

Shine eye: 1. Keep your eyes open 2. Be on your guard

Shine shine: Glittering.

Shockazoba: Shock absorbers of vehicle.

Shoe maker: Shoe repairer.

Shomo: 1.You know 2. You understand? Also You sabi say.

Shoo!: 1. Wow!

Short knicker: Shorts.

Show: 1.Make life difficult for you e.g I go show you o!

Show boy: See Ponmo. Also Pkomo and Rain coat.

Show face: 1. Turn up. 2. Show up briefly at a function to avoid being accused of snubbing the host.

Show ma fefe: Pretending to be fragile and sophisticated. See- Sime sime.

Show them: Give them something to think about. Also Show dem Pepper and Show dem finis.

Sidon: Sit down.

Sidon look na dog name: Phrase used to tell someone off for being too passive.

Sidon there now: Sit there day dreaming (sarcastic).

Sight: See e.g. I juss sight di guy dey come.

Sima: Simmer down.

Sime sime: 1. Weak 2. Too gentle e.g Ol' boy, why you dey make Sime sime.

Si si: Young trendy girl.

Sista: Sister.

Six to six:ref. Apku. Phrase coined up because some claim a meal of Apku can keep hunger away for 12 hours.

Skenchi: Greedy.

Slacki: Slow thinking person.

Slap: Walking e.g As man no get car na so so slap man dey slap go everywhere.

Slipas: Slippers.

Small chop: Pre meal appetisers such as Chin Chin, Peanuts, Puff Puff and Kuli Kuli.

Smallie: Small statured individual.

Small-small: 1. Gently . Also Sofri sofri. 2. Little by little.

Small time: 1. Next thing you know. 2. Before you know it.

Smell: Get close to e.g. No rake how you enta Concord when you never smell Muritala before.

Smol: Small.

Soak away: Septic tank.

Soak garri: 1.Meal of Garri mixed with water 2. Financial hardship e.g. As dem never pay us e bi laik na garri we go dey soak.

Soakeez: Act of drinking garri.

So kin so: 1. Yoruba word meaning-come down so that I may come down used as an alternative name for Volkswagen beetle cars. 2. Two door vehicle where the front seat passenger needs to get out before the rear seat passenger can exit)

Soda: Wield together.

Soja: Soldier. Also Soja man.

Sokoto: Traditional trouser.

Sontin: Something.

Sontin dey do you: There is something wrong with you.

Sontin dey there: There's something special going on.

So so: 1. Something always being done e.g. Na so so drink e dey drink.

Sotey: For such a long time.

Soyoyo: Trendy.

Sound you: Slap you in the face.

Soup wey sweet na money kill am: Good things cost money.

Spark: Lose temper.

Spin: Woo a girl. Also Toast , Approach, Tune, Give raps and Baze.

Spoots: Designer or very nice clothes. See Sputs.

Spoil: Talk badly of someone behind their back. e.g I hear as you dey spoil me for dat party.

Spoil mai garri: Also Put san sand for mai garri, Spoil mai show or Spoil show for man.

Spray: Giving of monetary gifts to dancers and musicians at a party. The bank notes are usually placed on the foreheads of the recipients.

Spree spree: Speak with a foreign accent especially English one.

Sput: 1. Dressed to kill e.g Di guy Sput o! 2. Designer chlothes. Also Sputeez.

Square: 1. Pay up. e.g Olí boy square me dat moni wey you borrow now 2. Receive oneís salary.

Squatter: University campus term denoting a student living illegally in the halls of residence under the auspices of a 'Landlord'; the legal owner of the room. The squatter sleeps on a wafer thin mattress on the floor while the Landlord sleeps on the bed.

Squat-o-meter: Name given to a squatter's mattress on some campuses.

Stand dey look: 1. Not using one's initiative. 2. Being unduly passive.

Standard: 1. Very good 2. Perfect

Star: Brand of Nigerian beer.

Stay yua own: Keep to yourself.

Stock Fish: Chemically dried fish

Stone ground: 1. Fall heavily e.g See how e take bodi stone ground.

Stomok: Stomach.

Stranger: Visitor.

Stroke: Tease. See Yab.

Strong head: 1. Stubborn 2. Persistent.

Stud: Rough tackle during football game e.g No stud me o! 2. Hamper one's progress.

Suegbe: 1. Dunce 2.Slow person.

Suffer head: 1. One prone to recurrent hardships.2. Poor man.

Suffer man: Poor man.

Suppose fit: Should be able to.

Suppose to: Should.

Suya: Barbecued Beef or chicken served with special Nigeria spices.

Swear: 1. Cursed e.g dem swear for you? Meaning- are you cursed?

Sweet mouth: 1. Sweet tooth 2. Silver tongued

System: Hi-Fi System

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