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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "T"

Taba: Tobacco.

Taim: Time.

Tanda: 1. Stand 2. Loitering.

Taffia: Gossip.

Take: 1.How did you do it? e.g. How you take build house on yua salary?

Take breeze: Sit out in the fresh air.

Take eye see: Look without touching e.g why you no fit take eye see Gulder i.e Can’t you see a bottle of Gulder without wanting to drink it?

Take Garri from mai mouth: Interfere with my livelihood.

Take light: Power cut. See NEPA.

Take me shine: 1. Show me up 2. Look good at my expense

Take style: 1. In a round about sort of way e.g the tailor take style get the dress o! 2. Use of guile e.g the bobo wan take style thief mai money

Talk anoda thing: ( Dismissive) .Say something better.

Talk true: Singing a different tune. e.g when you hear Koboko for yua nyansh you go talk true.

Tap leather: Play football.

Tap soccer: See Tap leather.

Tapping: Stealing.

Tapping electrons: Caressing a Lady.

Tatafo: Gossip.

Taya: 1. Tired 2. Do something to exhaustion or full satisfaction. E.g. I don chop taya.

TDB: Till Daybreak

Te slow: 1. Doing things slowly. 2. Slow Down, what's the hurry!

Tear shot: Kick a hot shot during football ball.

Tey: 1. Take too long a time. E.g. You don too tey for dat toilet, abeg commot one time jo.

That one: 1. That person 2. That situation.

Them say: I heard it on the grape vine.

Them send you: Were you sent to torment me?

Thermacool: 1. Relax 2. Chill or Stay cool. See Coolee. 3. Brand name of refrigerator.

The thing bi say: The fact of the matter is.

The thing wey happun for fowl haus dey happun for chicken haus: What’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.

Throway face: 1. Ignore. 2. Snub. 3. Avoid eye contact.

Throway salute: Big shout out to.

Tie am: Cast a spell on someone.

Tie neck: Street criminals known for grabbing neck chains forcefully from car occupants' necks.

Tie yua Sokoto: 1. Tighten your belt 2. Brace yourself.

Tief: Thief. See Ole.

Tight hand: Stingy.

Timber and calibre: Men of repute e.g. Those are men of Timber and calibre.

Time wey I small: When I was young.

Tineja: Teenager.

Ting: Thing.

Tinigboko: Extremely thin individual.

Tiro: Khol used as eye liner.

Tip: Dribble opponent during football game.

Titi: Young girl

Titrate: Urinate especially at road side or in a bush.

Toast: Woo a lady. Also Spin, Approach, Base and Tune.

Today na today: This problem must be fully resolved today

Tokunbo: (Yoruba word) 1. Second hand goods. 2. Child born overseas

Tolotolo: 1.Turkey. 2. Show of e.g E dey make Nyanga Tolo tolo.

Tombo: Palm wine. See Palmmy. Also Tombo Liquor.

Tommorow tommorow: Procastination.

To nonsense: To excess E.g E Grab muscles to nonsense.

Too dey: 1. Always doing something. E.g. You too dey snore.

Too get: 1. Have in abundance.

Tori: 1. Interesting or humorous story.

Tori get k-leg: The situation has become complicated.

Tori get many leg: See Tori get K-leg.

Toro: 1. Old Nigeria 3 pence coin with circular hole in it's middle. 2. Problem e.g. Dat one na yua Toro.

Toronto: Fake goods.

Tortoise car: Volkswagen ‘Bettle’. Also Volks.

Tory don wowo: The story or situation has turned ugly.

Totori: 1. Tickle 2. Excite

Traficate: Indicate while driving. (using the turn signal in your vehicle)

Travul: Travel.

Trekeez: Act of walking. See Legedis Benz, Foot wagen and Footron.

Tri: Three.

Triangular student: (University campus slang). Student with little time for anything other than studies. Goes from the hostels to the canteen then to lectures and back to the hostels thus completing the triangle.

Trouble dey call you: You are looking for trouble.

Trouble sleep Nyanga go wake am: 1. Aggravate a touchy issue/subject. i.e. You should have let sleeping dogs lie. 2. But for ones outsized ego, an issue would have been amicable resolved.

Trousa: Trouser. Also Trousees

True true: Most definitely.

True to God: I swear.

Try: 1. Did well. 2. Tried you best. 3. Sarcastic use when someone offends e.g. Ol' boy , you try as you come finish the last iced water for fridge.

Trying: Doing very well.

Tu: Two.

Tu tu: Two each.

Tuffia: God forbid!

Tuke tuke: Buses used for transport. See Danfo.

Tune: See Toast.

Tuwo Shinkafa: Hausa meal made from mashed boiled rice and served with soup.

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