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Babawilly's Dictionary of Pidgin English Words and Phrases.

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Pidgin English Words starting with "W"

Wad: Rich e.g Dat business man wad well-well.

Wadded: Rich e.g Di guy dey wadded no bi small.

Wado: Urhobo greeting e.g Internet surfers Wado.

Wahala: Trouble.

Waffi: Warri. Town in Delta State, Nigeria.

Wak: Eat.

Waka: 1. Walk.2. Frequent visits to a Juju practitioner e.g. Dat man sabi waka o!

Waka about: 1. One who is always on the road.

Waka-jugbe: One constantly loitering about.

Waka waka: See Waka about.

Waka pass : To act as extra in Nigerian movie. i.e. - to have a walk on role.

Walahi: I swear. Also Walai.

Wan: One.

Wan wan: One each.

Wash: Use a newly acquired item for the first time. If new car is bought washing includes prayer for safe travelling after which drinks are served.

Wash hand now: Come and join me in this meal.

Waszup guy: 1. Young up start. 2. One trying hard to be trendy.

Watch night : 1. Night vigil 2. Security guard. See Mayguard

Wata: Water.

Wata and garri make eba: Rude reply to a question beginning with ‘What’.

Wata pass garri: Things have reached breaking point.

Waya: 1. Wonderful 2. Tough like steel wire. 3. Pangs of hunger e.g. See how hungry waya man.

Wayo: Trickery.

Wa-zo-bia: 1. Contraction of the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo (Major tribes in Nigeria) word for come here. 2. Used for anything pertaining to every tribe in Nigeria. 2. Unity and Federal character. 3. Things pertaining to Nigeria. See Naija.

We no see yua brake light: 1. We haven't seen you for ages. 2. You sped right past us without stopping to say hello

We two: The two of us.

Weak for bodi: In a state of shock e.g Dat news make us weak for bodi.

Wear: 1. Board a bus e.g I go wear bus reach Tinubu.

Wear same trousa: 1. We would fight e.g If you chop dat money we go wear di same trousa today.

Wee wee: Marijuana.

Weather man: Poor man. See Suffer man.

Well well: Very well. This kind of repetition is common in pidgin English and is used for increased emphasis. e.g. True true, Tey tey, quick quick, tear tear and chop chop.

Wetin: 1. What is? E.g Wetin bi yua name?

Wetin call: Private parts.

Wetin concern government: What is my business?

Wetin concern Agbero with over load: 1. That's not my business. 2. I don't care.

Wetin dey do you?: What’s wrong with you?

Wetin time talk: What is the time?

Wetin yua eye find go dia: 1. You should not be looking there. 2. Mind your own business.

Wetin yua time talk: What is the time?

Wey: Who e.g The Obioma wey sew mai trousa dey pass.

What's doing you?: What is wrong with you? Also Wetin dey do you?

What's your own?: What's your problem? also - Wetin be yua own now? And Na wetin?

Which day?: When? E.g Which day you begin go gym?

Which one: 1. Hello e.g Ol' boy which ones now. 2. What is e.g Which one be dis?

Which one you dey?: 1. What's wrong with you? 2. Whose side are you on anyway?

Which level?: Hello.

Whinch: Witch.

Whinchi: 1. Bedevil.

Who born?: Derisive. Used when someone claims to be able to do the unattainable. 1. You can not do it e.g. Who born monkey?

Who born monkey?: See Who born.

Who know man: 1. Nepotism. 2. Being well connected especially in government.

Who no know go know: Threat meaning - Whoever is claiming not to know will know without a shadow of doubt. Also Who no sabi go sabi.

Whosai!: 1. Never! 2. Impossible. Also For where!

Wipe: Slap across the face e.g If you talk am again I go wipe you now now. Also - Land you slap, Land you dorti slap, Sound you and Tear you slap.

Wit: With.

Without: Meal bought in Buka without meat due to financial hardships e.g Madam gi mi four Naira Eba plus Ogbono without. Also by force vegetarian.

Woman Lappa: Man easily controlled by his woman.

Won: One. see also - Wan.

Wor wor: Ugly.

Wuru-wuru: Underhanded methods. See Mago mago.

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