Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will answer most of your questions and help you get started quickly with your advertising campaign.
If you have more questions, please send us a message via the Contact page or our chatbot

  • What is an online Banner Ad?

    An online Banner Advert, called a Banner Ad for short, is a popular form of online advertising which uses eye-catching graphics, in pre-defined sizes, that are placed on websites. Also called Display Ad, it is a very effective way to create awareness for/of your product or service and invite potential customers to engage with you.

    Effectively, it is an attractive graphic that provides quick and relevant information to a potential customer. A good banner Ad will typically include a descriptive headline/tagline, a clear message, and a call-to-action (C-T-A) such as “Click Here”, “Buy Now!” or “Contact Us”.

    Clicking on the banner ad will send the viewer to the destinantion, such as a website or social media presence, that you defined.

  • What Banner sizes can I run on NGEX platforms?

    Click here to see sizes

    Banner Dimensions (L x H pixels) Industry Name
    728 x 90 Leaderboard
    468 x 60 Main Banner
    120 x 600 Skyscraper
    250 x 250 Square / Small Rectangle (Mobile Friendly)
    300 x 250 Medium Rectangle (Mobile Friendly)
    336 x 280 Large Rectangle (Mobile Friendly)
  • Do you design Advertising Banners for your customers?

    Yes, we do! We will design a banner with a static image for you on request. There is no extra cost for this service and best of all, the banner is yours to keep at the end of the campaign period.

  • How do I start advertising on NGEX platforms?

    We have an order form where you can submit your request. Visit the Advertise form and enter the details.

    You can provide your contact details, preferred banner size(s), start date and duration for you banner campaign, any material to complete your banner such as images and business logo, and make your payment.

  • What information do your designers need to create my banner(s)?

    Our designers will need the following information when you complete the order form

    1. Your preferred banner size(s)
    2. Your preferred image for the graphic
    3. Your business logo (optional)
    4. Banner Title/Headline (up to 30 characters)
    5. Call-to-Action (such as, Buy Now!, Click here! Contact Us) (optional)
  • Do I get to preview and approve my banner before it goes live?

    Yes, you do! We will design 2 options for you. Once the design is ready, we will provide a special link for you to preview and approve the design. Only after that approval does the banner go live.

  • I already have my own banner! Can I use that?

    Yes you can use your banner as long as it meets our sizes and terms. It also means that your banner can go live even faster. Simply send us a message here

  • How soon can I get an Ad campaign live?

    If you supply your own banner(s) and have completed payment, it can be as soon as 48 hours after you have approved the design.If it is urgent you can contact us here

  • How do I start advertise on NGEX?

    Easy! Please go to this link You will be guided on how to start.

  • How much does it cost to advertise on your platforms?

    Our rates start as low as N10,000 or $30 per week. Please pay attention to the top of your screen as you complete the order form. You will see a real time cost calculation that is based on the duration and number of platforms you select.

  • What is the minimum duration to run an Ad Banner on NGEX?

    We will run an Ad banner for as few as one week

  • Will you serve my banners to non-NGEX sites?

    No! We only run your banner(s) on NGEX properties which include our flagship ngex,com, the ngex business directory,, and our Newsletter. Coming soon, we will also offer banner advertising on our soon-to-launch AppNigeria. A location-aware App.