Oga in the Office


Primary Category: Virtual Receptionist

8-10, Broad Street
15th Floor
Lagos Island, Lagos
Building Name: Western House

Head Quarter / Branch : Headquarter
Tel 1: +234-1-8889088
Tel 2: +234-1-8889089
Tel 3: +44-203-582-5493
Website: ogaintheoffice.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ogaintheoffice
Twitter: twitter.com/OgaOffice

Opening/Closing Hours

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Open 09:00 a.m 09:00 a.m 09:00 a.m 09:00 a.m 09:00 a.m Closed Closed
Close 05:00 p.m 05:00 p.m 05:00 p.m 05:00 p.m 05:00 p.m Closed Closed


A virtual receptionist company that offers receptionist and call handling services. Other services include

  • Access to International Numbers include provision of phone numbers from the United Kingdom, United States for business transaction
  • Message Taking where business e-mails, phone calls, fax and text messages are diverted and answered by Oga in the Office
  • Emergency Response provides quick response for businesses' customers/clients 
  • Video and teleconferencing for meetings with large participants.
  • Marketing Materials include flyers, leaflets, business cards and logo for businesses.

Nearby Areas / Towns / Cities


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